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Tai Chi is like meditation in motion that helps you breathe deeply and naturally. As you do this, your body releases tension, which can, in turn, help lower blood pressure and improve heart function. 


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The Mind-Body Connection

There's no reason to doubt that the mind-body connection affects everything in our bodies. Practicing Tai Chi regularly can help reconnect the mind and the body. Unfortunately, so much of modern life forces people to separate those essential elements. It's almost like their minds and their bodies lead separate lives, unaware of each other. Tai Chi reintroduces them so people can feel whole and connected to themselves. Many students take Tai Chi classes simply because they need a way to release the stress of daily life. Tai Chi is like meditation in motion that helps you breathe deeply and naturally. As you do this, your body releases tension, which can, in turn, help lower blood pressure and improve heart function.

People who practice Tai Chi regularly:

  • lose weight
  • improve balance
  • increase flexibility
  • increase focus
  • learn to relax naturally
  • increase strength
  • improve aerobic conditioning

Start Tai Chi Now - anyone can participate!

It doesn't matter whether you're overweight or arthritic. The exercise will help improve those conditions so that you make great strides during the early weeks of your practice. It doesn't take long before overweight students notice that they have lost weight. Arthritic patients may notice that they feel a reduction in pain or that they need to take fewer pills to manage the pain. No matter what physical ailment you have, we work with your abilities so you can benefit from Tai Chi as a physical and mental exercise.

Stress reduction.
Tai Chi reduces acute and chronic stress. This means that a single class may make you feel less stressed or anxious while continued practice reduces the overall stress and anxiety that you experience in life. Regular practitioners get more than a "Tai Chi" high caused by exercise. They get long-term benefits that can help them avoid disease. Some experts even believe that practicing Tai Chi could save the health care industry hundreds of billions of dollars.

Better sleep.
Tai Chi helps you sleep better. A study showed that 112 healthy adults who complained of moderate sleep disturbances got better sleep after just 16 weeks of Tai Chi. The subjects say that they fell asleep faster and got more rest during the night. Considering that better sleep improves memory, coordination, and nearly all aspects of health, it makes sense to start practicing Tai Chi as soon as possible.

Breast cancer prevention.
Tai Chi can lower a woman's risk of breast cancer. Several studies have shown that physical activity helps prevent breast cancer in most women. Women already living with breast cancer can also benefit from Tai Chi. Research shows that 12 weeks of Tai Chi improved quality of life and physical abilities in women living with breast cancer. Anyone who has breast cancer or a family history of breast cancer should start practicing Tai Chi as soon as possible.

A Healthier Heart.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women all over the world. No other disease ends the lives of so many. Tai Chi could reduce fatalities and improve the lives of people living with heart disease. One study found that a year of practicing Tai Chi lowered a group's blood pressure while improving exercise capacity, cholesterol, and other heart health factors.

Although it's an old art form, Tai Chi meets the needs of contemporary people struggling with stress, wellness, and other health issues.

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