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Women's Self-Defense

Women's Self-Defense Seminars at Academy of Martial Arts

Our group workshops teach women simple self-defense moves that anyone can use to fend off attackers.


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Women's Self-Defense

Women's Workshops Focus on Effective Self-Defense Strategies

The regular Karate classes at Naples Academy of Martial Arts includes self-defense instruction. Our instructors teach people of all ages how they can defend themselves in the real world. Even beginners can defend themselves when they know the most effective methods. It's amazing how quickly the body adapts to even a little self-defense training. We also offer special self-defense seminars for groups of women. Many women feel intimidated when they enter potentially dangerous environments. It's wise for them to feel that way, especially since so few women are taught how to defend themselves from attackers.

Our group workshops teach women simple self-defense moves that anyone can use to fend off attackers. Learning self-defense can also boost a woman's confidence so that she feels more capable of standing up for herself. No one should feel like a victim. The proper training makes sure that you never have to feel that way again.

The workshop also teaches women how to avoid danger. That's a crucial part of staying safe in today's world. Women who learn awareness skills can pay attention to their surroundings and make safe choices that prevent conflict. While it's important to know defensive moves, it's equally important to know how to spot danger, get help from others, and draw attention to unwanted advances from people who may intend you harm.


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Women's Self-Defense