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“I have been training at AMA for almost 5 years and I love my Karate training. I have learned how to protect myself from bullies and strangers.”

– Derrick Smith – Purple Belt – Age 9

“I train at the Academy of Martial Arts and Sensei is amazing. I enjoy every second of Karate. All the staff are great helpers. It teaches all the students respect.”

– Dominic Bevacqua – Age 14

“The dojo is the best place to face yourself and make you a better person than you thought possible.”

– Suzy Ponicsan – Black Belt – Age 31

“Karate makes everything better! The energy and the people in the dojo lift you up! I love Karate!!”

– Angelina Acunto – Black Belt – Age 19

“Karate means a lot to me. It keeps me fit, improves my behaviour, and keeps me out of trouble. Karate is a very healthy atmosphere and is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

– Tanner Cole – Blue Belt

“My kids love AMA! They have a wonderful time and have learned so much. We are all very happy here and enjoy the envioronment and all of the instructors.”

– Maldonada Family – Kids Karate Mom

“Karate became a major part of not just mine by my entire family. I started training almost 9 years ago and have been struggling with a life long heart condition that held me back on a lot of things. After I signed up for Karate I was scared, but thought I want to be there when my children are older.

I cannot believe what I am capable of now compared to when I started. I have never felt so healthy in my life.

My goal is to grade for my black belt in December, a task I would never imagine as I always had setbacks all my life. Karate has given me a renewed and longer life.

Karate makes everything better!”

– Eileen Wesley Age 53 – Brown Belt

“It is difficult to put into words the impact that AMA has made on my son’s life. When Will was in fourth grade he went through a terrible period of being bullied at school. This experience left him with low self-esteem. It broke my heart to see some of his bright light dim. When he came home one day excited about a karate demonstration that he had seen at school we enthusiastically signed him up at AMA. Will is now an eighth grader and thankfully it is difficult to remember the sad and quiet fourth grader any more. I thank AMA for much of that metamorphosis. AMA has become a second family to our son. I have watched them work with Will and with other students with such great aptitude and caring. They know each student and not only instruct them on karate but encourage each student to be the best them that they can be. Some children, like my son, work on self-esteem other’s may need to work on focus or self control. My son has been able to travel while participating in tournaments, he has enjoyed movie nights and day camps during school breaks and he has stepped on the court of arenas to compete or demonstrate the exemplary skills that he has learned. Will’s grades have improved steadily during his training and he has learned that taking pride and responsibility in all he does is important. I thank AMA for helping my husband and I raise a young man that we are exceeding proud of. I have no doubt that I will watch my son earn his black belt one day. Thank you AMA family!”

– Will Egan’s Mom (Tracie Egan)

“I have been training at AMA for 11 years and the Martial Arts have been and continues to be an integral part of my growth as a person. I will never stop training because it has become a part of who I am. Thank you to AMA and Sensei Hamilton for the opportunity to train at such a great dojo and to become part of a great dojo family!”

– Stephen Schahrer Age 19 – Black Belt

“We love the Academy of Martial Arts dojo! Since my son Dominic started here at the Academy of Martial Arts he has learned so much about self discipline, respecting others and himself. The trainers and Sensei are wonderful and so great with the kids. We are so happy to be a part of the AMA family.”

– Mrs Bevacqua – Mom at the AMA Karate Dojo

“Cage Fitness is a quick 1/2 hour effective workout. AMA Dojo has the best instructors that can make a tough workout enjoyable.”

– Magaly Bowman – Cage Fitness Student

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